how to fill 8 gap between deck and house

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Do you think we can unscrew, move the boards closer (perhaps leaving 1/8" gap) and re- screw and end up with a good look? By the way, the deck is curved (of course, it isn't the nice square [ Chat Online + ]

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How to fill gap between house and pavers My builder friend suggested to extend the slab closer to the house which I will do. The termite inspector recommended a gap for airflow and for [ Chat Online + ]

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Re: Gap between fascia and roof deck Okay, I just e-mailed JLMcDaniel with some pics. Went up to the attic and it looks like light's coming through only underneath the sheathing on the gable [ Chat Online + ]

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Got an above ground pool, with a deck connecting the back of the house and covering about 1/3 of the pool. Just finished cleaning then power-washing, and the wood has seen better days, [ Chat Online + ]

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The gap is now 1" in some places but less in other places. I can see where the builder used felt to separate the foundation from the concrete slab so at least the patio shifting away from [ Chat Online + ]

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You can fill the gaps easily with rope. Should the size of the gap change, refill it with new rope. Braided rope is the simplest way to fill the cracks and you can find it easily at craft [ Chat Online + ]

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Hello Chris7119, and welcome to the community! I was going to suggest you use a backer rod & sealant, but that would work perfectly if you weren't getting water into the house, it sounds [ Chat Online + ]

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Theres a wide ugly gap between my concrete outdoor patio slab and the slab my house is built on. Im trying to determine whether to caulk the crack or fill it with some cement-based [ Chat Online + ]

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Filling in that gap prevents you from doing so and provides a hidden path for termites to enter the house, made worse by being filled with (I assume untreated) wood that termites can use for [ Chat Online + ]

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In this video, This Old House contractor Tom Silva explains how to fill gaps in a wide-plank wood floor. Steps: 1 Scrape debris from between flooring planks with putty knife or painter's [ Chat Online + ]

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Judging by the gap (1/4"-3/8") at the joist tops, I would guess the beam is 1-1/2" to 2" lower than the ledger. There appears to be sticky window guard/metal flashing painted white on the [ Chat Online + ]

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How to seal gap between patio and house? submitted 8 ... what should I use to fill in the slight gap between the patio and the siding? There is a plastic piece that runs along the bottom of [ Chat Online + ]

need something to fill gap between pool and wood deck

8 Mar 2015 A deck can beautifully bridge the gap between indoors and out, filling in the exterior space with a corner deck can complement the ..I am in Southern California and need to [ Chat Online + ]