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The Playbulb is a smart bulb that has a built-in speaker and light system that you can control with a very easy-to-use app. Put them in your yard lights and porch light to transform your yard. [ Chat Online + ]

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Is it permanent? User Info ... Was still saying there was a searchable spot but I looked all over that house for 30 min, couldn't find one. Had to switch. User Info: 0ofreako0. ... but sometimes there will be one on the porch or on the roof. it took me a bit to figure out this was the case sometimes with that last thing that couldn't be found ... [ Chat Online + ]

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A deck with a roof serves as the best possible outdoor living space. A roof provides shade and keeps your family dry during wet weather. It also can add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. The best time to build a roof over your deck is during the building of the deck itself. [ Chat Online + ]

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Driv3r Walkthrough Tanner's back for another undercover mission. This time, his assignment takes him through Miami, Nice, and Istanbul. Our guide includes a full walkthrough, cheat codes, and ... [ Chat Online + ]

want an estimate for a permanent roof over my large deck ...

want an estimate for a permanent roof over my large deck. Wonder if I can just cover part of the deck. My deck measures 25' wide x 14' long. [ Chat Online + ]

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Patio Covers Permanent protection from the elements for your patio, deck or front porch with Craft-Bilts patio cover roof systems. Let us show you the many ways to cover a patio with our insulated roof panels, beautiful light filtering translucent roof glazing and our economical aluminum canopies & carports. [ Chat Online + ]

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However, if you want a deck to mount in your family car, like the idea of having a decent-sized screen for on-the-go viewing, and don't mind carrying a big player, the L100 is an appealing choice. [ Chat Online + ]

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here are tons of reasons to build a deck over a roof, from creating a romantic outdoor break- ... Framing the roof Whenever I install decking over a roof, I make sure ... Detailing the Roof eDge use permanent trim around a permanent roof. PVC wont rot, it takes paint well, and you can glue rubber roofing to it. ... [ Chat Online + ]