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Jan 19, 2017 ... Built within a 10-foot-by-22-foot inset, the porch was protected by walls on three sides and covered by a roof, the eaves of which extended about one foot ... The requirements of the Schluter specs were that the floor be sloped at least 1.5 degreeswhich works out to 5/16 inch per footand that deflection ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Jul 28, 2012 ... Let's start with the built-in slope. It's necessary to pitch the floor on an open porch slightly to cause blown rain to run off, thereby avoiding puddling water, which quickly develops wood-rot underneath. In an effort to create more indoor living space the porches in old houses often get enclosed into rooms, but ... [ Chat Online + ]

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A well-built porch starts with a solid foundation. As a structure attached to your home, a porch is required to have a foundation that meets local building codes. The region you live in and your building site will determine the type of foundation your porch needs. For example, a home built on a steep slope will often require ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Need to build a home on a hill? ... They often incorporate a walk-out basement, making the most of usable space and providing an unobstructed view of the well manicured landscape, while allowing ... Others, well-suited to lots that slope down in back, open to the backyard with two or more levels of porches and decks. [ Chat Online + ]

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While some porches may be as simple as that, many are more similar to an indoor room that is missing windows and walls. Porches typically ... No matter which type of flooring you choose, the pitch or slope of the floor should run away from the house so that windblown rain and snowmelt can drain before causing damage. [ Chat Online + ]

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shows how to level an uneven floor. ... Old rooms can have uneven floors. Luckily leveling the floor is an easy process. Learn how to level an uneven floor with these ... Position the leveling strip on the floor and see if the top edge of the strip checks out as level. Adjust the strip as needed. When complete ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Log Home Porches. There's nothing like sitting out on the porch with some hot coffee or a glass of wine, enjoying a sunrise or sunset or simply some nice weather. Find inspiration ... With its solid construction and elegant design, this rocker is sure to be the most relaxing project you have ever built. ... Log Cabin Floor Plans. [ Chat Online + ]

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Sealing Up the Ceiling and Floor Although the porch is covered by the second-level deck, something had to go up on the porch's ceiling to divert raindrops seeping between the boards overhead. For this, we used corrugated sheet metal, which we installed at a slight slope so water would run off away from the house. [ Chat Online + ]

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Mar 5, 2016 ... Slope is quite easy. 3 ways. First, is to cut full length wedges out of 2x4's or bigger & screw them to the top of the sub-floor at the joist locations. Second, is to remove the sub-floor too & sister-on pitched or sloped 2x4's or bigger. Third, is to use concrete or cement over the sub-floor & new decking, the floor ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Many older homes have problems with sloping and sagging floors. In a lot of cases, the owners of these homes simply ignore the problem or pass it off as a normal part of having a classic house. Though a sloped floor might indeed bring some character to a house, some of the issues that can cause them can lead to other ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Jan 22, 2011 ... Unfortunately they didn't correct for the built in slope of the original porch when the closed it in, so the room has a consistent 1-inch slope towards the outside of the house (e.g. it's not an intermittent 'sag,' 'warp,' or 'dip,' the whole floor slopes out relatively consistently). I need to level the floor in order to put ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Watch this video to see the construction of a family room addition from start to finish, including: Foundation work. Wall and roof framing. Framing reinforcement to prevent wind damage. Adding a porch and deck. Installing metal roofing. Adding a ventless gas fireplace. Grading around a foundation for proper drainage. [ Chat Online + ]

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Screen Room & Screened In Porch Designs & Pictures | Patio Enclosures. [ Chat Online + ]

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Browse house plans specifically designed for sloping lots selected from our nearly 40000 floor plans created by architects and designers around the world. [ Chat Online + ]

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May 31, 2016 ... Before about 1860, deck frames were often built of large logs called sleepers. These sturdy logs were hewn flat on one or two sides, with one of the flat side facing up to act as floor joists. If your porch has sleepers that are rotted, replace them with supporting beams of comparable heft. Before ripping out ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Aug 28, 2013 ... Alternatively, you could build new walls to carve the space out of a hallway, back foyer, or porch. Related: America's ... In newer homes, the master bedroom typically offers generous floor space, walk-in closets, and a dedicated bathroom featuring dual sinks plus a separate shower and tub. In older homes? [ Chat Online + ]

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Is there any memory sweeter than those of childhood suppers on screened porches, or swinging the night away on the perfectly-designed porch. Face it: we pay for our mild winters ... Charming Farmhouse Porch. Furnishings with an interior influence like the rug, sofa, and lamps look great in an outdoor room too. Colorful ... [ Chat Online + ]

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One way to add a room IF your patio can take it. ... Plus, it has to have poured-concrete footings beneath the perimeter to hold the exterior walls that will be built. These footings would have to ... If the patio slopes away from the house slightly, as it should, you'll have to shim up the sleepers so the finish floor will be level. [ Chat Online + ]

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The ideal scenario is to pour a concrete slab for the porch, which can then be further embellished with a slate or quarry tile floor. A screened porch ... Pouring a slab of the size shown is do-able for many Extreme How-Toers, if time is taken in laying out the project so it is square and formed to the proper pitch. Concrete tools ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Feb 7, 2017 ... So long as the wood-framed porch had a slope built into it allowing it to shed water to the outside of the building, any water that penetrated through the tile floor, around the waterproof substrate under the tile and around the large corner support column would have eventually made it to the outside and never ... [ Chat Online + ]